Lost with several projects? Don't worry...
Projects DB take care of them for you!
Manage all your projects, apps
or websites easily.

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It's easy to track all your ideas and projects!

Insert them, update them. Regain control.

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When you first open the app

you'll be asked for an account, with this account everything will be on the cloud. If you want to look or manage your projects from another computer you can! And everything will stay in sync. Create your account now, it's free!

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Now you can

add your ideas, started projects, in-development projects and even finished projects. Just fill all the project information. And don't forget to set the project status by clicking on the big stamp:

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When you're done, just click done!

Is that easy to use Projects DB!

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Just keep updating

your projects and you will have a complete database of all your ideas! And you can also show this database in your site using our API.

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Pro Tip:

Projects DB it's the best tool to keep you and your team aware of what is happening in your projects, we even build-in a merge tool (but you'll probably never see it).

Simple! Now you or your company will have control over everything that is being done, on what step it is and will never lose another good idea.

This application was made by TotenDev to help your life.

Show automatically for your users your projects updates, status, release notes and more! Projects DB Show automatically for your users your projects updates, status, release notes and more!

Keep your clients tuned about what you are doing.

Projects DB API is a simple way to securely list projects
from your own account wherever you want. Just use the
Projects DB like you always do, update your apps according
your necessity, so your website will be updated too.

For security reasons, after you have an account in
Projects DB app, you have to submit this form aside
to request the use of our API.

The Documentation Guide to help you getting started:

Projects DB API Documentation

Q: Where can I buy Projects DB?

A: It's currently available only on the Mac App Store, and we do not plan to sell it in other stores.

Q: Can I have a volume license directly with TotenDev?

A: Contact us, so we can talk about that.

Q: How many machines can I use my Projects DB?

A: As many as the Mac App Store agreement allows.

Q: Can I login with same user at multiples machines at same time?

A: Yes, and you can also edit in multiples machines at the same time.

Q: Why Projects DB only works with an active network connection?

A: Because all your informations are stored remotely, so you can use it in multiple machines at same time.

Q: There are any plans for including images and more informations about my projects?

A: Yes, we are working hard so this can be in your hands soon.

Q: Can I have multiples account with only one license?

A: Yes, you can have as many accounts as you want :).

Q: Where can I read Projects DB License Agreement?

A: Projects DB License agreement can be found here.

Q: Why Projects DB have it own License Agreement?

A: We have it because of our external service, making everything clear to you and to us.

Q: How can I delete my account?

A: Send us an email at support AT totendev DOT com, and we'll delete it. We'll be sad to see you go :(.

Q: I lost my password, what do I do?

A: When you registered into Projects DB you received a welcome email with an Access Code inside of it. In Projects DB Login Alert, click on "Forget it?", and insert your registered email, your Access Code, and your new password.

Q: I do not have my Access Code, what to do?

A: Check in your spam filter, it may be there. If you do not have it, please email us at support AT totendev DOT com by your registered email, asking for your Access Code.

Q: I founded a bug, where can I report it?

A: Please fill our bug report form here.

Q: I have some feature request or additional feedback where should I send it?

A: Please email us at support AT totendev DOT com, and we'll be very happy to hear what you think.

Q: How do I know that my data in secure?

A: We store your informations securely in our server, but we do not provide any guarantee against Men-in-the-Middle attacks.

Full Support

The Projects DB Quality Assurance Team go through a series of tests
to make sure that the application is reliable and stable, so we only
release new features and bug fixes after QA approvement.
This all, guarantee to you the final user, a better and
unforgettable experience.

Our Support Team, is your eye inside TotenDev.

We from Support Team know that our job is to provide
users an excelent support and inform them about what
is on the road map. Making sure that BUGs, features
requests and any other development needs arrives
in our Development Team. And also that you do not have
any unanswered questions.

So if you have any bug report, please fill out our bug report
form here.

Any features request, questions or any additional considerations we will be happy to receive at support AT totendev DOT com.

TotenDev Team.

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